Thursday, September 6, 2012

victoria's secret sport 2012

Truth is I haven't exercised in a really long while. I could blame it on many factors: being lazy, rather snuggle in bed during winter than workout etc but to me the first step to fitness is ALWAYS the hardest but once you get on the bandwagon, it's effortless! 

I've always bought sports collection from classic mainstream brands : Nike and Adidas predominately - but I never felt sexy in them. To me it's just an outfit to gym, period. A best friend of mine recommended Lululemon, again not to my liking, just feels like another boring gym outfit to me and then I explored Victoria's Secret with an open mind. 

Thank God I decided to try them! I picked various outfits from their sports collection and I'm not kidding when I tried it on - everything looked amazing (this is already without working up a sweat). I've posted the outfits above which I've bought and think its amazeballs as Guiliana Rancic would say.

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