Sunday, September 30, 2012

travel: back home in london

... Always good to be back in England. Love my laidback life in London - the grocery shopping, the flowers, the weather (haha, I am so kidding), the coffee (my fav is just two roads down - score!) and funnily enough .. the pastries (especially muffins!).

isabel marant ss13

..... How I love thee

spotted: jessica hart

Love Jessica Hart's look today - stylish without forcing it too much. Great hair as well!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

thought of the day: to great things

.... Yes I know! 

travel: moscow, russia

... A rather delayed post but here I am celebrating Fashion Night Out in Moscow. Despite how beautiful the Metro's were in Moscow ... this is by far the worst and most challenging Metro (after Tokyo's subway) - navigating was a real bitch but I survived! Enjoyed my visit to the famous Red Square and experienced the much talked about Moscow State Circus. For the shopaholics, word of advice: shopping in Moscow is a pretty expensive affair - highly NOT recommended. 

reality vs the notebook

This is the sweetest photo I've seen this month. Reality beats The Notebook anytime.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

instagram: fashion night out , fno

@victoriassecret In the haute seat. @AngelAlessandra getting prepped for #FNO

oscar and sj @ fno

@alexa_chung is feeling the #fno madness @moschinofficial

Thursday, September 6, 2012

victoria's secret sport 2012

Truth is I haven't exercised in a really long while. I could blame it on many factors: being lazy, rather snuggle in bed during winter than workout etc but to me the first step to fitness is ALWAYS the hardest but once you get on the bandwagon, it's effortless! 

I've always bought sports collection from classic mainstream brands : Nike and Adidas predominately - but I never felt sexy in them. To me it's just an outfit to gym, period. A best friend of mine recommended Lululemon, again not to my liking, just feels like another boring gym outfit to me and then I explored Victoria's Secret with an open mind. 

Thank God I decided to try them! I picked various outfits from their sports collection and I'm not kidding when I tried it on - everything looked amazing (this is already without working up a sweat). I've posted the outfits above which I've bought and think its amazeballs as Guiliana Rancic would say.

must-have: the perfect distressed jeans

I have a love hate relationship with Aimee's style but we're definitely on the same page when it comes to jeans. This pair is perfectly distressed - look at it! I have tried many brands over the years : 7 of All Mankind (material too thick for my liking but I buy them anyway), Zara (can't go wrong but it's not perfect per se), Uniqlo (cheap and good!), True Religion, Current/Elliott but nothing beats this brand - fits me like a glove and my legs look long and awesome in it. You can take a wild guess of which brand I'm raving about .... or ask Aimee! 

white days

It's very early in the morning wherever I am today, but I am all ready for some fashion inspiration. Not that I need more inspiration with the rate I've been shopping. Fashion week is coming up - do I hear a yes? :)