Monday, October 10, 2011

1001 post

This is my 1001 post on wildcrazybeautiful and this deserves a celebration (I'm always finding an excuse to celebrate). I'm a big fan of leather although I complain it's heavy, but yet I love it because it's so timeless, classic and all the great words you can think about comes to my mind when I talk about leather.

Deemed personally to me as a 'leather specialist', Smythson by Bond Street is no doubt one of my favourites. Peridot and Blue Nile collection is thus far the nicest collection I've seen. The colors are tres gorgeous! Hopefully I'll in be London soon because there's something new that I saw and just can't get off my mind!


  1. I love Smythson too and this collection is beautiful. I love the bag, so chic and goes with everything. Here's hoping you can get to London asap! :) x

  2. Thanks babe. I will be heading to London sooner than you think! (: