Friday, February 19, 2010


Today marks the third day of Lent. The 40 days offers me a feasible time frame to learn to sacrifice in the name of something bigger. I gave up all things chocolate, social media websites like Facebook and Twitter last year. This year I'm sacrificing rice, pineapple tarts, coffee, and ice cream.
This fashion spread reminds me of Alexander McQueen and Truffles. Both of you are deeply missed and I miss you already! Less toss the emo feelings and TGIF! Don't forget to have fun this weekend! Let's make it count.
{images: fashiongonerogue}


  1. No coffee and ice cream for 40 days? Whoaaaa! Gotta have a super strong willpower for that. I don't think I can live without ice cream. Thanks for your kind words, hun (soldier on, 'autumn' after summer...) Can't wait for our next dinner date! x