Tuesday, November 3, 2009

heather marks in elle italia

My wisdom tooth is finally popping out! She's definitely a late bloomer. With all the pain I'm currently going through, I hope I'll be wiser! I can't believe I'm still alive from the pain and food that I've been eating (more like swallowing). Words cannot explain how much I miss chocolate and cake. I know that antibiotics is supposed to kill the bad bugs in my system, but I think they've forgotten not to kill me! Anyway, don't let me spoil your fab week, have a great first week of November and enjoy these pictures!

{images: fashiongonerogue}


  1. loving her facial expression in the 1st pic.
    and the silk maxi dress there on the right!!! woot!

  2. Poor thing, you. Hope it gets better soon. I had to bear with mine for a bit and the pain just disappeared. We need to properly catch up, LY! x

  3. Shean: I love that maxi dress!

    Roxy: Yes, definitely! :)