Wednesday, September 2, 2009

spotted: kim kardashian

With a promising new blonde do, Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing an oversized Otis & Mclain printed dress, black grosgrain belt by 3.1 Philip Lim, necklace bought by Kim herself from Africa, and Report Signature "Fairfax" thigh high boots. Looks like blondes do have more fun!

{image: monicarose}


  1. i'm obsessed with her boots, thanks for posting what brand they are! xo

  2. I liked her better with the old hairstyle. Her style is still okay though!

  3. niki: Yes, those boots are so nice! but so impractical to be worn in the country I'm living in :( btw, you're on my Twitter :)

    dexter: I prefer her with black hair. Kudos to her stylist for making her look good!