Sunday, September 20, 2009

it is time

Time is moving, it really doesn’t stop for anyone. You either start living, or start dying - it’s as simple as that. Stop waiting for tomorrow, the future is now. No one is stopping for you, so you should start for yourself. Ambitious dreaming is key. Setting goals for yourself, is a must. Do what you love, say what you feel and make that every hug and kiss you give is just as real. God is love, imagination is bliss. Don’t live through the standards of others, live for your own fulfillments. These kids are looking for happiness, and they’re always in a hurry - and so when they get to tomorrow, they remember yesterday in a blurry. I’m sorry, but I love life - and I don’t need to show you how I’m living, but when it comes to happiness, we should all just try to enjoy the life we were given.

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