Thursday, July 30, 2009

lauderée x christian louboutin

What can be better than combining food and fashion? Lauderée will be teaming up with shoe God - Christian Louboutin, designing a limited box collections of macaroons. Coming in three different boxes, each box comes in its own unique packaging decorated with illustrations of Christian Louboutin shoes and inside each one is a selection of macaroons chosen according to their colours, by Louboutin himself.

Chef Philippe Adrieu created an amazing fig flavour specially for the collection These delicious boxes are the best fashionista souvenir for those of you travelling to Paris, Monaco, Tokyo or London - cities where you'll find Lauderée stores. The boxes are on sale exclusively this September 2009.

Alternatively, if this does not tickle your fancy, you can purchase macaroons here as well

{image & text: viewonfashion}

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